Eight PhD grants for masters or bachelors are available within the PhD programme funded by Foundation for Science and Technology, with funds from the State budget of the Ministry of Education and Science and, when applicable, from the European Social Fund through the Potential Human Programme from QREN Portugal 2007-2013 in accordance to the Specific Typology of Intervention Rule 4.1.


The AgriChains PhD will have 8 fellowships per year funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. There are also 20 positions available. Candidates with graduations and/or master degrees in agronomical, forest, biological, biotechnological and environmental sciences (AFBBE) may be more acquainted with the main topic of the programme. However, students from other scientific areas, such as engineering sciences, oenology, geophysics, chemistry, geology, may bring in wide academic and/or professional experience. Doctorands must be fluent English speakers: although the format of this DP is open to be taught in more than one language, it is assumed as the main language. Portuguese and Spanish are obviously accepted for the students with these mother languages.



For the ranking and selection of PhD and FCT Fellowship candidates, an Admission Committee (AC) will be elected from amongst the investigators/professors within the core team of the programme.

The first-stage of Candidates' ranking and admission will be based on:

- Nominal academic qualifications;
- Classifications obtained in academic degrees, starting from the most recent degrees;
- Curricula, giving particular emphasis to indexed publications in the field of the doctoral programme (e.g. number of JCR - indexed papers, h-index, number of quotations, books/chapters). Scientific communications, proceedings in national/international meetings, participation in research projects, membership of scientific teams and societies, skills in foreign languages, (mainly in English), are also important items in this selection process;
- Professional experience.

The second-stage of the selection process is:

- An interview to the subset candidates, either in pe rson or using Information and Communication technologies. The interview will mainly focus on the motivation and commitment of the candidates to the programme, as well as to the lines of research endorsed within its framework. The weight of this stage in the final classification will be decided by the AC.

A final selection will then be produced taking into account all the elements gathered during the selection process. A ranking list will be formally publicized and transmitted to all candidates, who can require its re-evaluation in case of disagreement.


To apply to the FCT Fellowship, candidates should also comply with the following:

Be Portuguese citizens, or citizens of other European Union member states; Be third-country nationals holding a valid residence permit or who have acquired long-term resident status, pursuant to Law n. º 23/2007 of 4 July and amended by Law no. 29/2012 of 9 August; Be third-country nationals of states with which Portugal has signed reciprocity agreements. Only Portuguese citizens or foreign citizens with permanent residence in Portugal may apply to fellowships with a work programme to be fully or partially developed in foreign institutions.


- Not having an accredited Bachelor's degree.

- Neither having an MSc in a related scientific topic nor exceptional professional experience appropriate and relevant to the programme;

- Absence or poor knowledge of either English language, statistics or computer sciences, according to the curricula.


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University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) - 00351 259 350 000




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